This is the Danse Macabre

A Vampire: The Requiem 2e game about playing century-old vampiric middle management in the Invictus. The player characters are all well-established ancillae who are halfway up the totem pole: they have tenants, territory and vassals with the accompanying responsibilities and headaches that come with. Neonates and elders alike seem to spend all their time making the lives of the ancillae difficult and even though they have their unlives on the right track it’s never going to be a gravy train to the upper echelons of the covenant.

The domain is set in the city of Londinium, a dark mirror of real-world London filled with far more corruption, suffering and – of course – vampires. Central Londinium is a playground for vampires – culture, crowds, money, darkness and politics. The vampires had to wrest the city from the other things which crawl around in the night, however, and territory outside the city are very dangerous indeed even for the elders of the domain. Two hundred vampires locked in a gilded cage and left to amuse themselves – what could go wrong?

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The Domain

The Court

The Clans

The Covenants

Danse Macabre

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